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Due to the current COVID19 public health emergency, all advisory board meetings (i.e. Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Design Review Board, and Historic Preservation Commission) are being held virtually. A live video of the meeting will be available for general public viewing. Quasi-judicial hearings concerning projects that are contested and/or currently in litigation will not be held in a virtual forum. 


Welcome to the Planning Department homepage. By clicking on the tabs at the top of this page you can find updates about the work underway, how to contact us, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. On the left side of this page is a list of relevant and major topics related to the department’s work. This includes the tools needed to:  File a building permit (Submit a Permit); research a parcel or project (Maps & GIS, Planning Ordinance, Development Projects); or, understand our town’s approach to planning and development (Planning Principles).

Davidson’s traditional character is that of a small town, so land planning will reflect its historic patterns of village-centered growth, with connection of neighborhoods, preservation of rural areas, and provision of public spaces. Our quality of life is enhanced through the Town’s Planning Principles, the Davidson Planning Ordinance, and by assessing town needs through plans, reports, and studies.

Planning Department Updates

September 2020

Below you’ll find a list and short description of things that we’re working on, along with how to find additional information about each topic. We hope you find this information useful. If you want to follow up with us about any questions you may have, please do so – our contact information is available on our department’s homepage. Check back from time to time for updates.

- Town of Davidson Planning Department

1. Targeted Conditional Zoning Text Amendment: 

Last year, the Board of Commissioners directed staff to explore growth management tools. Over the last 12 months, staff received feedback from the board on the “targeted conditional” growth management tool. Briefly, targeted conditional would establish specific thresholds in various planning areas based upon acreage and/or unit count. Should development proposals exceed these thresholds, conditional approval would be required by the Board of Commissioners. The Planning Department held two virtual Public Input Sessions (PIS) on proposed Davidson Planning Ordinance (DPO) text amendments associated with targeted conditional in August and September. Broadly, the feedback received at these events was decidedly non-supportive (see: Consolidated PIS Report). Accordingly, the board instructed staff to slow down the process. Additionally, the board directed staff to form a Planning Board committee to explore other viable growth management tools and to reevaluate targeted conditional. The committee will report back to the board in the coming months. All updates and backgrounds information on targeted conditional can be found on the Map & Text Amendments website. Once there, click the “Text Amendments” menu bar.

2. Development Project Updates: 

  • Davidson Cottages Conditional Master Plan: In October of 2019 the project team submitted a proposal for 30 single-family detached homes and two duplexes fronting Davidson Gateway Dr. and publicly accessible open space as well as internal courtyards (34 units total). Additionally, the plan proposes on-site affordable housing, a trail connecting throughout the property, a small gathering space along Davidson Gateway Dr., and a payment to mitigate stormwater runoff impacts. The Board of Commissioners held a public hearing for the proposal in August-September; the Planning Board officially reviewed the proposal in September and offered a positive recommendation. The Board of Commissioners may elect to vote on the proposal at their October 27th meeting. For more information on the project’s history, timeline and to view the latest plans, please see the  project website.
  • Hoke Master Plan: In March 2020, the project team submitted a master plan for 78 townhomes, a new internal street, and multiple parks/open spaces. It is currently under review by Town of Davidson and Mecklenburg County staff, and the Planning Board and Design Review Board have reviewed the plans. A Public Input Session is tentatively scheduled for mid- to late October. For more information on the plan, please see the project website.
  • Lake Forest Church Conditional Master Plan: On September 22, 2020, the Board of Commissioners approved the Lake Forest Church Conditional Master Plan. The approved plan allows for a three-story commercial building fronting South Main Street (20,000 - 30,000 square feet) and a two-story church facility (20,000 square feet minimum) toward the rear of the project site at 480 and 496 South Main Street. The plan also preserves the existing single-family home located at 496 South Main Street. Additionally, the plan includes pedestrian improvements along the project site frontage on South Main Street, as well as a sidewalk connecting the site to the existing sidewalk at the corner of South Main Street and South Village Lane. For more information on the conditional plan, please see the project website.
  • WestBranch: Mecklenburg County and town staff were alerted that an area of trees had been clear cut in the WestBranch community on 9/9/2020. This area of clear cutting comprises lots 1-10 on the approved Preliminary Plat and is located on the northern border of the development abutting existing homes on Hudson Place. This clear cutting represents a violation of both the approved Master Plan and the Preliminary Plat which stipulate that the Lots 1-10 are to be cleared “selectively” in an effort to preserve as many trees as possible. After consultation with the Town Arborist and Town Attorney and on-site analysis of the violation, the town has issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) and elected to pursue civil penalties for the total number of trees lost by this blatant and negligent clear cutting. Therefore, the town has determined to issue a NOV consisting of a $1,050,600.00 fine per Davidson Planning Ordinance (DPO) Section 15.3.1.C.B.2. This fine represents the penalties for the total loss of one hundred and three (103) trees measured at 12” diameter or more. Additionally, in order to comply with the terms of the NOV, Lennar must provide landscape documents identifying tree replacement planting in available areas in close proximity to lots 1-10, and within the WestBranch development. These replacement plantings shall consist of large maturing replacement trees as required by DPO Section 15.3.1.B.B.2.iii., totaling no less than twelve (12) trees of at least 5” caliper, and ninety-one (91) trees of at least 2.5” caliper. The replacement plan must be reviewed and approved by the Planning Director and Town Arborist. For additional information on the Westbranch development, please see the project webpage.

3. Davidson Transportation Projects: 

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is facing a significant budget shortfall due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This shortfall is a result of falling projected revenue from the state gas tax and NC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) transactions. As a result, NCDOT has suspended most transportation projects state-wide. There is no timetable for when suspended projects may be released or move forward as originally scheduled. The following projects that impact the Town of Davidson have been suspended until further notice:

  • Potts-Sloan-Beaty Connector
  • Robert Walker Drive Roundabout at Davidson-Concord Road
  • NC 115 Roundabout at Davidson and Potts Streets (Town of Cornelius Project)
  • NC 73 widening (NC 115 to US 29)
  • Kincaid Multi-Use Trail Extension
  • All NCDOT maintained roads scheduled resurfacing projects.

More information on these projects can be found on the town’s Transportation Planning website