Traffic Calming

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What is traffic calming?

Traffic calming uses physical design and other measures to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. Its goal is to encourage safe and responsible driving and also potentially reduce traffic flow.

Some types of traffic calming methods are:

  • Diagonal parking
  • Wide sidewalks with narrower streets and traffic lanes
  • Roundabouts
  • Medians
  • Speed bumps
  • Speed tables

Traffic Calming Request process

  1.  A Town of Davidson resident or business owner completes and submits the online form here.
  2. The Davidson Fire and Police Departments reviews the application.
  3. If the application is approved, a traffic study is conducted.
  4. If the traffic study report meets the warrants, then a request for funding for the next fiscal year (beginning July 1) is made.
  5. If the funding is approved, the traffic calming method is installed by the Town of Davidosn.

For a flow chart illustrating this process, please click here.

Have questions?

Contact Town of Davidson Project Manager Doug Wright at or by calling 704-940-9625.