How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

Would you like to donate?

Davidson Community Foundation Addresses Community’s Most Pressing Needs

The Davidson Community Foundation (DCF) recently expedited their launch to be able to serve the community during the COVID-19 crisis. The foundation was established by local residents and aims to support and catalyze non-profit organizations directly serving the Davidson community in order to tackle large-scale projects and critical needs. Led by a diverse board of advisors composed of local community leaders, the DCF is designed to significantly expand local philanthropic efforts and direct the funding where it is most needed.

Read the formal press release of DCF’s launch here.

To donate, visit the DCF’s page on the Foundation for the Carolina’s website here.

CharMeck Responds Coalition is Uniting Volunteer Efforts Across Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Charlotte-Mecklenburg is coming together in a unified response to the COVID-19 Crisis. is for any faith community, nonprofit, business or individual to get involved in the unified relief efforts across the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.

To date, 173 organizations, ranging from faith partners to businesses, food banks and non-profits, have joined the coalition. Over 1,579 volunteers and counting have mobilized around the area to serve at various opportunities and the results have been incredible.

The immediate need is ever-present, and the CharMeck Responds Coalition is collecting Personal & Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies. There are eight drop-off locations at YMCA’s throughout the city and county.

This crisis is still ongoing. If you want to be a part of the response, or if you have a need, CharMeck Responds wants to know. Find out more at and follow CharMeck Responds on social media at @charmeckresponds Facebook and Instagram, and @cltmeckresponds on Twitter.

The Char-Meck Responds Coalition is part of the city and county’s VOAD Team (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, FEMA’s Emergency Support Function #16). VOAD is an emergency support function reporting to the office of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management, the coordinating arm for the city and county response to disasters.

The website is a portal for both community needs and how to engage them.

Would you like to support local businesses?

Wonderful! Local businesses are a big part of what makes Davidson so special. The town is working hard to support businesses and navigate through the legislation and paperwork required to apply for any loans and grants, and make sure their employees are cared for.

There are a number of ways YOU can support Davidson businesses at this time, too!


  • Order take-out/curbside pick-up from restaurants, as they can still only operate at limited capacity
  • Shop online at retailers who offer this option
  • Wear a face covering BEFORE you go into a store, so shop staff do not need to remind you of the requirements
  • Buy gift cards
  • Tip generously

You can learn more about all these opportunities at our dedicated local business page here.

Are you a medical professional who wishes to volunteer? 

Please refer to North Carolina Training Exercise Response Management System (TERMS) for training and information.