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Manager’s Report: June 5, 2018

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Fire station 2

A summary of the 6:00 p.m. meeting:


  • We’ll host a grand opening for Fire Station 2 on Davidson-Concord Road on Saturday, June 9 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please join us for food, tours, and activities for kids.
  • The Davidson Police Department will host a “Custard with a Cop” event to talk about safety on Saturday, June 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Whit’s Frozen Custard located at 428 S. Main Street. Please join us!
  • Mayor Knox made a statement:
I'd like to address one of the topics on our agenda tonight. In discussing the process of water/sewer extensions, our board instructed our town attorney to draft a discussion topic for consideration. This was a draft item for discussion purposes only and was not intended to be an action item for a potential vote at this time. We all ran on platforms of transparency and public engagement. A change in policy as important as this would be openly discussed and public input would be critical in moving forward.


North Harbor Club 
Planning Director Jason Burdette led a pre-development discussion on the North Harbor Club application. In January, 2018 the owners of North Harbor Club discussed with the board of commissioners expanding their kitchen and converting the second story of Building 100 into a banquet space. The restaurant is located in a Special Use Permit District (SUP) c. 1983. Any changes to the SUP require a rezoning. Town of Davidson staff offer a pre-development consultation with the Davidson Board of Commissioners for potential conditional rezonings and plan amendments. Since coming before the board in January, North Harbor Club has modified its expansion plans to include a banquet space on the second floor of Building 400 instead of Building 100. Town planning staff determined that this change merited additional consultation with the board.            The next steps are for the North Harbor Club to submit an application, and we will begin the conditional planning area process.                     

Proposed Watershed Ordinance Text Amendments
We held a joint discussion with the Davidson Board of Commissioners, the Planning Board Ordinance Committee (PBOC) members, Shawn Copeland and Ellen Donaldson, and planning department staff, Jason Burdette, Trey Akers, and Lindsay Laird to provide an update on proposed text amendments to the watershed ordinance. For more information, please visit www.townofdavidson.org/textamendments. This project has been tabled and will not move forward at this time. We appreciate the hard work of the PBOC this year.
Water/Sewer/Annexation Policy
Town Attorney Cindy Reid and I had a discussion with the board of commissioners on our water/sewer/annexation policy. We will work on:

  • documenting our current unwritten practices,
  • proposing a policy to which the board of commissioners can react, including criteria to help in the decision-making process related to approval or not,
  • researching the policies of our benchmark communities, and
  • a water/sewer/annexation policy related to our overall growth philosophy.

Planning Department Work Plan
The Davidson Board of Commissioners prioritized the planning department's work plan to align with our 2018-2019 Strategic Plan initiatives. The priorities are to focus on historic preservation, the Davidson Mobility Plan, the comprehensive plan, and items pertaining to neighborhood character such as updating the tree ordinance and examining the Village Infill Planning Area.
Comprehensive Parking Study
The discussion of the comprehensive parking study was postponed.
The meeting adjourned and moved into a closed session.

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