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Manager’s Report: March 27, 2018

All supporting documents for the March 27, 2018 board of commissioners’ meetings are available here: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/MeetingView.aspx?MeetingID=700&MinutesMeetingID=371&doctype=Agenda
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Davidson Police Officer Kanita Boone takes oath of office
Davidson Police Officer Kanita Boone takes oath of office

A summary of the meeting:


  • Davidson Police Officer Kanita Boone took her oath of office today. We are so pleased that she is part of the Davidson Police Department’s team.

  • In the Davidson Town Hall lobby there is a collection box for items that will go to Safe Alliance, one of our community partners that provides assistance for victims of domestic violence. Much needed items include health products, school supplies, cleaning products, socks, and underwear, etc. – a full list is in the lobby. It will be here until the day after Mother’s Day (May 14).

  • Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation needs to hear from Davidson citizens on the proposed Northern Regional Recreation Center. There is a survey on their website: northmeckrec.com – please take the survey and weigh in on outdoor and indoor options for this new center.

  • Offices will close for the holiday on Friday, March 30 and re-open for business at 8: 00 a.m. on Monday, April 2.

  • The developer of the Davidson Springs neighborhood is hosting a public information session on Monday, April 9 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Davidson Town Hall board room to review their plans for phases 3 and 4 along James Alexander Way. Please come learn more.

  • Davidson Connections is Thursday, April 12 at 9:00 a.m. at Homewood Suites.

  • Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s is Tuesday, April 10 from noon-9:00 p.m.

  • Our first Community Dinner will take place Friday, May 4 in the parking lot behind Summit. More details to come – it should be a lot of fun!
Beaty st
Old Business:
Beaty Street Property

The Davidson Mayor and Board of Commissioners hosted a public comment session regarding the Beaty Street property (19 acres of town-owned land) and heard from multiple citizens. Parks and Recreation Director Kathryn Spatz gave an update on the conceptual plan for a park on the Beaty Street property. The board of commissioners charged staff to create a task force and will consider a vote at the April 10 meeting on a resolution charging the task force to work on a conceptual plan for the Beaty Street property as a park, including ancillary/complementary park uses. Once the task force membership is selected through an application process, the task force will drive the public input process and will report back to the board of commissioners on their progress over the next nine months.

Strategic Plan
At their March 21 mini-retreat, the board of commissioners provided more detail on their vision for the town, particularly in the areas of land use, historic preservation, economic development, and affordable housing. On Tuesday evening, they approved the 2018-2019 strategic plan. Now that it is approved, staff members will create a work plan for each tactical priority and action step, and provide quarterly updates on progress.
Open Town Hall icon

Vision and Core Value #5
The Davidson Mayor and Board of Commissioners have discussed changes to the Town of Davidson’s vision statement and core value #5 over the past few months. After some discussion, the mayor and commissioners recommend the following for a new vision and core value #5:

Original vision:
Davidson is a town that has long been committed to controlling its own destiny as a distinct, sustainable, and sovereign municipality. Our town’s sense of community is rooted in citizens who respect each other; in racial and socioeconomic diversity; in pedestrian orientation; and in the presence of a liberal arts college. We believe our history and setting guide our future. 

New vision:
Davidson remains committed to controlling our own destiny as a distinct, sustainable, and sovereign small town. Our sense of community is rooted in citizens who respect each other, in racial and socioeconomic diversity, and in pedestrian orientation; all in the presence of a small liberal arts college. Our history and character guide our future. 

Original Core Value #5:
Davidson’s traditional character is that of a small town, so land planning will reflect its historic patterns of village-centered growth, with connection of neighborhoods, preservation of rural area, and provision of public spaces.

New Core Value #5:
Davidson is a small, historic, college town. We are a town that celebrates our rich cultural and architectural history. Our unique character is reflected in our land use, managed approach to growth, and preserved in our architectural history. Our land planning will reflect historic patterns of village-centered growth, connections between our neighborhoods, preservation of our rural area, provision of our public spaces, and new development will honor our historic character.

Core value #5 will be moved up into the #2 position in our list of core values, although the list of core values is not ranked in any special order. The Davidson Mayor and Commissioners have directed staff to gather feedback via the Open Town Hall portal on the website, publicize an opportunity for public comment at the April 10 meeting, and potentially host more public comments at their April 24 meeting in order to hear from citizens on the proposed changes. The board of commissioners will consider a vote at the April 24 meeting.

Public Facilities
Assistant Town Manager and Public Facilities Project Manager Dawn Blobaum provided details on several potential sites for public facilities:
Former IB School on South Street to house the board room, administrative staff, planning and parks & recreation and renovate current town hall for the police and fire departments. Phase 1: Staff and the project team, including the architect and historic landmarks expert, will review the site to determine if it’s viable for a town hall renovation. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the owner of the building, would like to retain some of the square footage for their North Learning Community offices. Phase 2: Continue plans for renovation of the school and develop a redefined plan for renovating our existing town hall. Creech & Associates will bring a report and preliminary cost estimate to the board of commissioners on June 12. The Davidson Board of Commissioners authorized staff to allocate $10,000 toward phase 1 of this project and requested documentation regarding the architect’s qualifications and experience in doing historic building rehabilitation.
Metrolina Warehouse is no longer an option.
Other options to consider (but not currently at the top of the list to pursue):
  • Construct a new building on the current site to house the police department and renovate the existing town hall for the board room, administrative staff, planning, and the fire department.
  • Current project presented on February 13 (more details at www.townofdavidson.org/PublicFacilities) to construct a new town hall in front of the existing town hall to house the board room, administrative staff, planning and parks & recreation and renovate current town hall for the police and fire departments
  • Investigate the current public works site for options.
  • Investigate opportunities on land at and around the Ada Jenkins Center.
Mobility Plan

Senior Planner Travis Johnson provided an update on the revised schedule for the Davidson Mobility Plan (currently underway), including a summary of past transportation plans conducted by the town. This will be the first plan to look at all four modes of transportation simultaneously: walking, cycling, driving, and transit. The town needs to plan for cars, as well as cyclists, pedestrians, and transit to make improvements as congestion continues to increase. The mobility plan will serve as a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) – something the town does not currently have. CTPs are used to better position the town to secure grant funding for transportation-related projects, but also prioritize infrastructure projects and policies identified by the community.
Opportunities for citizens to participate (dates to come – please stay tuned for details):

  • Four transportation-related presentations (innovative technology, transit, bike & pedestrian, and roadways)
  • Tours around town to identify areas that need improvements (North Main Street, Potts Street, west side, Exit 30, and a bike ride around town)
  • Intercept surveys to seek input from citizens in town
  • Tables at Davidson Farmer’s Market and Davidson College
  • 3-day charrette, to gather stakeholders’ input and create solutions.

Senior Planner Chad Hall provided an update on the Local Historic District expansion process and tools for historic preservation. The next steps will be to review details and revisit at a future meeting.
Public Works and Projects Director Doug Wright provided information on the proposed roundabout at the intersection of Davidson-Concord Road and Robert Walker Drive. The majority of this project will be funded by a federal grant from the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization but will require a $205,000 match from the Town of Davidson. NCDOT will manage this project for us. The preliminary schedule is to target construction in 2019.
Finance Director Piet Swart led a discussion with the board of commissioners regarding benchmarking and key performance indicators for use in the FY 2018-2019 budget process.
The Town of Davidson is currently named in a lawsuit related to the Hyatt Place hotel entitled Charde, et al. vs. The Town of Davidson, et al. The Town of Davidson received an extension of filing a response (now due April 12).

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