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Manager’s Report: October 24, 2017

All supporting documents for the October 24 board of commissioners’ meetings are available here: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/MeetingView.aspx?MeetingID=587&MinutesMeetingID=285&doctype=Agenda 
If you are interested in watching the video of the meetings, please view here:

SPECIAL NOTE: We are now live streaming our board meetings and work sessions via Novus Agenda (https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/) and encourage you to tune in to the specific Novus Agenda meeting link on meeting days if you are unable to attend in person. To watch live, click the red circular camera icon to the left of the current meeting agenda to activate the video. You can also open up the online agenda to follow along with each presentation in another window. After each meeting (by the close of business on Wednesday), the video is saved to the Novus Agenda meeting link so you can watch when convenient to keep abreast of projects and issues. Click the “online agenda” with the red video arrow to open up the agenda. To watch the entire meeting, click the top “video” link on the left. To watch a video of a particular agenda item, please click the “video” link to the left of that item. To watch from a mobile phone, please use this link: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/AgendaPublic/meetingsresponsive.aspx

A summary of the 4:00 p.m. work session:    

Former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Ann Clark and current CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox presented information on the proposed $922 million school bond referendum on the November 7 ballot. At the 6:00 p.m. meeting, the Davidson Board of Commissioners voted to approve a resolution in support of the CMS bonds.

Marty M.

Livability Board chairperson Marty Metzker gave a bi-annual update to the Davidson Board of Commissioners highlighting the following:

  • The new park near the Bailey Springs neighborhood – they will go through the bid process in November and the park should be operational by summer 2018.
  • They are hosting a public information session at Roosevelt Wilson Park, located at 420 Griffith Street, on Saturday, October 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to gather input on new active play features for the park, as well as to celebrate the projects that we have already completed. They will also celebrate the opening of the children’s amphitheater, which was constructed in partnership with the Westside Safety Committee, with a performance geared toward youth. There will also be fall harvest activities provided for all visitors. 
Dave Cable
  • The trees and greenways sub-committee of the livability board recommended some updates to Section 9, Tree Preservation, Landscaping, and Screening of the Davidson Planning Ordinance. Their goal is to increase our tree canopy and preserve existing trees. They encouraged the town to do a new street tree inventory and encourage robust communication and engagement such as volunteer planting and education programs. Many thanks to members Dave Cable and Rebecca Chaffin for their efforts. The planning department will work with the subcommittee to recommend updates to the ordinance.

Jason Burdette

Planning Director Jason Burdette presented proposed text amendments to the Davidson Planning Ordinance, specifically to:

  • Remove the ‘multi-family” building type from the Village Infill Planning Area and replace it with a mix of housing types (the “missing middle”) to offer housing choices,
  • Include “government services” as a use in the Village Center, and
  • Propose that 20% of all first floor square footage of institutional buildings in the Retail Overlay District be reserved for publicly accessible gathering space along a street-facing façade.

A summary of the 6:00 p.m. meeting:

Davidson’s General Obligation Bond Referenda
I gave an overview of the general obligation bond referenda to appear on the November 7 ballot:
In 2016 as part of the Davidson Game Plan, the Davidson Board of Commissioners directed town staff to develop a list of important capital projects requiring a funding source. Since the town’s budget is limited, they also directed staff to research the use of general obligation (G.O.) bonds as a means to pay for these capital projects.
Results from the 2017 citizen survey demonstrated that citizens were interested in transportation improvements (traffic congestion relief, sidewalks, street connections, etc.), additional greenways, and new parks and park improvements, and that they were willing to pay for it via a tax increase. Since our financial model shows that the use of G.O. bonds is feasible, especially because current bond interest rates are low, the board of commissioners charged town staff with proceeding with the bond order process.
On November 7, voters in Davidson will have an opportunity to vote on bonds for mobility, greenway, and parks and recreation projects. The three separate bond referenda will give residents the opportunity to decide if they want to move forward with a total of 15 million dollars in bonds to accelerate major capital projects related to transportation infrastructure, greenway construction, and park development.
Potential projects are broken down into three categories:

1.Mobility/Transportation (up to $6,000,000)

  1. Potts/Sloan/Beaty Corridor
  2. Davidson-Concord Road/Robert Walker Drive roundabout
  3. Exit 30 roundabout enhancements
  4. Main Street/Beaty Street intersection improvements
  5. Pine Road/Concord Road/Grey Road intersection improvements
  6. Sidewalks, traffic calming, pedestrian safety, multi-use paths
2.Greenways (up to $5,000,000)
  1. Construction of Kincaid Trail Extension
  2. South Main Street to Potts Street greenway
  3. River Run to Summers Walk greenway
  4. Grey Road Multi-Use Path
3.Parks and Recreation ($4,000,000)
  1. Park at Bailey Springs -- Phase 2
  2. Neighborhood Parks
  3. River Run Phase 2/Bradford park improvements
  4. South Street Park (with CMS)
  5. Ada Jenkins Center park
  6. Lakeside Ave and Griffith Street active recreation
  7. Downtown and Farmer’s Market park improvements (including parking lot)
  8. 5-year parks maintenance and improvements
These are some of the specific projects which are intended to be funded by the bond proceeds. It is possible that these projects may change, but if they do, the projects must be within the purpose of the bonds for mobility, greenways, and parks and recreation. If passed, the bonds would be sold as the projects become ready, with the first one scheduled for 2019. Only after the bonds are issued would the town need to start paying for the bonds, thus triggering a corresponding tax increase. With Davidson growing as it is, if increased revenue from growth as part of the county revaluation process does not allow for bond repayment, a property tax increase may be necessary to cover the cost of repaying these bonds. Currently, that is projected to be 3.62 cents phased in as the bonds are issued.  The exact tax rate increase will not be known until the time the bonds are issued, and are getting ready to be repaid.
Voters will have the chance to vote on these mobility, greenway, and parks and recreation bonds on the November 7, 2017 ballot. Citizens may vote on one, two, or all three bond referenda. For more information about the bond referenda, including:
  • Frequently Asked Questions, 
  • A list of potential projects,
  • A chart showing the potential tax rate increase by property value,
  • Language for the three questions to appear on the ballot, and
  • An informational video,

please visit our website at www.townofdavidson.org/GOBonds.


North Mecklenburg Recreation Center
Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Director Jim Garges provided an update on the 40-acre North Mecklenburg Recreation Center to be built in the next year with $40 million in funds from the 2008 county bonds. The county purchased land in Cornelius off Old Statesville Road (Rt. 115) for the facility. Planning/Design funding for the project is included in this year's county budget, and the county's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for FY19-23 includes approximately $40 million for the North Meck Rec Center. This is a Davidson, Cornelius, and Huntersville project -- public engagement is a huge part of the potential program and design process, so please stay tuned for details on upcoming input sessions. For more information, please visit: http://northmeckrec.com/


Jim Garges
Since Jim Garges is retiring soon, the Davidson Board of Commissioners and town staff honored him for his decade of service to the county and his positive effects on the town.

Potts/Sloan/Beaty connector project

I gave an overview of the Potts/Sloan/Beaty connector project:

This project is being designed to provide another option for mobility in town, in this case a north-south connection through town. This project meshes with our core values and planning principles: Citizens need to move easily throughout the town and region, so government will provide a variety of options, such as sidewalks, bike paths, greenways, connected streets, and transit. The scope of this project is to provide a road connection between Potts and Sloan Streets, install a roundabout at the intersection of Sloan, Griffith and Beaty Streets, and a multi-use path along the route. This new connection will help disperse traffic and provide another option for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. It is designed to be a low-speed (25 mph), local road, not a Main Street bypass or parkway road.

In the last three citizen surveys (2007, 2014, and 2017), responders have strongly supported measures to relieve traffic congestion, greenways, street connections, bike lanes, sidewalks and multi-use paths.

Plans for this connection date back to 1981 and multiple plans since (2010 Comprehensive Plan, 2016 Walks & Rolls Active Transportation Plan, Mooresville to Charlotte Trail), all involving citizen input, have listed the Potts/Sloan/Beaty connection as improvement vital to mobility in town. We appreciate the vast citizen feedback over the decades.

In March 2015, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) approved Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization’s Bonus Allocation and Surface Transportation Program – Direct Attributable project list including $2.2 million for Potts/Sloan/Beaty corridor and $6 million for Potts St/Hwy 115 intersection improvements in Cornelius.
Ben Taylor of engineering consulting firm Kimley-Horn and Scott Cole of NCDOT provided a status report on the proposed Potts/Sloan/Beaty transportation project and also the proposed Highway 115, Potts Street, and Davidson Street intersection project in the Town of Cornelius (a project specific to Cornelius to be considered by their board of commissioners).  They reviewed the public comments received by NCDOT and Kimley-Horn at their public meeting held October 5 at Cornelius Town Hall. The concepts they have shown are not final – they will take existing features like trees into account when finalizing the plans.
Mr. Taylor also discussed the plans for a roundabout at the intersection of Sloan, Griffith, and Beaty Streets. NCDOT and Kimley-Horn will host a second public meeting in early 2018 with hard design information (street, sidewalks, etc.)

Both projects with be constructed simultaneously, starting potentially in early 2020. The Davidson Board of Commissioners will decide on an alignment preference for the new Potts/Sloan connection at their November 14 meeting. The town can create an ordinance to restrict trucks on the route, in fact, it will not be designed to accommodate trucks.
Citizens are encouraged to email NCDOT and Kimley-Horn directly with feedback (including photos) at:
Sean Epperson, NCDOT Division Design Team Lead at 704-983-4400 or smepperson@ncdot.gov and
Teresa Gresham at 919-677-2194 or teresa.gresham@kimley-horn.com.
More information is available at http://www.townofdavidson.org/1100/Potts-Sloan-Beaty-Connector.

Potts Sloan Beaty connector

Planning Board

Planning Board chairperson Mickey Pettus gave a bi-annual update to the board of commissioners. They are a non-binding advisory board that provides recommendations to the Davidson Board of Commissioners. Their required main focus is on plans, zoning, and the ordinance. Their process is prescriptive and sequenced for consistency with the Davidson Planning Ordinance and the town’s planning principles. Staff analyses are critical to the planning board’s work, and public input is important early in the development process.  One of their biggest projects this year was the Rural Area Plan. Mickey provided the planning board’s perspective on the proposed Hyatt Place hotel at 127 Davidson Gateway Drive and their reasons for recommending against it. The planning board aims to educate citizens on the town’s planning processes, role of staff, planning board, and the board of commissioners. They also convene the quasi-judicial Board of Adjustment to deal with ordinance interpretations, requests, or appeals for variances.

Proposed Hyatt Place Hotel Update
Planning Director Jason Burdette and Senior Planner Trey Akers gave an update on the potential conditions for the proposed 115-room Hyatt Place hotel at 127 Davidson-Gateway Drive. There are 111 parking spaces being proposed (10 more since they last met), a deficit of 38 according to the Davidson Planning Ordinance based on square footage. The updated landscaping plan now includes the replanting of 40 trees (one-to-one replacement of those removed during construction process) and specifies that 4-5 inch caliper trees will be planted along Griffith and Davidson Gateway Drive. More information is available at www.townofdavidson.org/DavidsonCommonsEastHotel 

The Davidson Board of Commissioners and planning board members Mickey Pettus and Matt Dellinger discussed the planning board’s inconsistency statement.

Doug Wright

Originally planned for the 4:00 p.m. work session, Public Works and Projects Director Doug Wright provided information on the proposed ordinance changes related to the town’s acceptance of streets completed by developers for town ownership and maintenance. The proposed changes are being considered by all of the towns in Mecklenburg County. The change would be to add the top lift of pavement a year after the base course is installed rather than after 75% of the development is built out. This would enable us to assume maintenance more quickly, plow roads during snowstorms, etc.

Commissioner Stacey Anderson shared information on the intersection of the arts and science.

Police and Fire Depts at Lake Norman Chamber event
Davidson Police Officer Meghan O’Brien and Davidson Fire Captain Steven Pritchard were recognized for their outstanding service by the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce at their annual Public Safety Luncheon.
Halloween March


Friday, October 27 (TODAY!) is our annual Halloween March. Line-up starts at town hall at 4:45 pm. – please come join us in costume.


RWP info session

The Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a public information session at Roosevelt Wilson Park from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 28 to gather feedback on play features. They will also celebrate the opening of the new amphitheater along Sloan Street, a joint collaboration with the Westside Safety Committee, and provide fall harvest activities for all. Please join us!
Davidson Connections meets Thursday, November 2 at 9:00 a.m. at Snap Fitness at the Circles @ 30 – please come network with the group.
On Sunday, November 5, please meet Mayor John Woods at Mimosa Cemetery to place flags at the graves of veterans. Groups will leave from Mimosa to place flags at the other cemeteries in town.


Tuesday, November 7 is Election Day. Voters vote according to address – town hall, Hopewell Baptist Church or, if you live in Davidson Pointe, Peninsula Baptist Church. In addition to voting for mayor and five commissioners, voters will also have the opportunity to vote for the three general obligation bond referenda on the ballot. Information is available at www.townofdavidson.org/GOBonds.
Join us for our annual Veteran’s Day ceremony on Saturday, November 11 at 11:00 a.m. in front of town hall to honor our veterans.

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