Davidson Walks & Rolls Active Transportation Master Plan


The vision of the Davidson Walks and Rolls Active Transportation Master Plan is to ensure the Town of Davidson is a livable community with the necessary walking and bicycling infrastructure, culture, and programs to achieve this vision.


  • Pedestrians and bicyclists of all types can safely and comfortably walk or ride on all streets to work, school, for fun, shopping, and exercise.
  • The streets of Davidson are designed, built as viable means of transportation.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle facilities connect all neighborhoods, parks, shopping centers, schools, employment centers, bus stops, and trails.
  • Students feel comfortable walking and bicycling to school.
  • Education and enforcement are improving safety and building courtesy between drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Health equity, community-wide physical activity, and travel choices for all ages and abilities are increasing.
  • The town's civic, social, environmental, economic, and health goals are supported.

Approved Plan

Davidson Walks & Rolls Active Transportation Plan:

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