Davidson Bay Phase II

Project Status


Recent Update (September 2017)

  • The Point at Davidson Bay Townhomes are nearing completion. As such, improvements associated with the park at the end of Armour Street are being installed, including on-street parking along Armour Street and a walkway with benches and trees.
  • Construction has started on the single-family homes elsewhere within the Davidson Bay Phase II project.
  • Clearing is taking place in fall 2017 for future residential housing (potential senior housing and additional townhomes) near Armour Street and Beaty Street. Please see the approve Master Plan for further details.
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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Village Infill
  • Project Location: Davidson Bay Phase II is located along the north side of Armour Street just west of the Beaty Street and Armour Street intersection.
  • Parcel IDs: 00328516,00328534, 00328510, 00328595, 00328599, 00328564, 00328223, 00328267, 00328655, 00328637, 00328639, 00328656, 00328651, 00328649, 00328647, 00328644, 00328643
  • Project Description: The approved development consists of 231 residential units that are a mixture of single-family detached and multi-family attached structures. There will be 8,000 square feet of mixed-use/retail and 36,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial spaces. 
  • Developer: Dominic Liburdi