Hoke Master Plan

Recent Updates

Overview:  On March 23, 2020 the Town of Davidson received a complete Master Plan application. The proposal proceed through the master plan process outlined in Section 14.6 of the Davidson Planning Ordinance, including completion of a Transportation Impact Analysis, Public Input Session, and Planning Board review/comment.

Summer 2021:  The project team prepared and submitted Construction Documents for review by Town of Davidson and Meck. County staff. The documents will undergo multiple rounds of review and revision prior to approval, likely late summer or early fall. 

Winter/Spring 2021:  In late January 2021 the Town of Davidson approved the plan, contingent on approval by the Davidson Board of Adjustment, who on March 8, 2021 approved the request for Minor Variance allowing 51.7% built-upon area on the conditions that the additional 1.7% impervious area be managed with stormwater treatment and that all eight affordable housing units as well as other elements shown are constructed per the approved master plan. After review of the proposed stormwater facilities Mecklenburg County approved the master plan in April 2021.

For information about the affordable housing units at this development, please click here.

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Lakeshore, Village Infill
  • Project Location: 347 Jetton St.
  • Parcel IDs: Main Parcel 00324306; Ancillary Parcels 00324301, 00324303, 00324304, 00324305, 00321103, 00321112
  • Acres: + 5.55
  • Project Description:  The project proposes 81 townhomes (including eight affordable units) fronting Jetton St. and Catawba Ave. as well as internal public spaces. Additionally, the plan proposes a new street connecting Jetton St. and Catawba Ave. along with alleys, two greens and walkways throughout the development. 
  • Developer: Alliance Group and Taylor Morrison Homes