Beaty Park

 Beaty Park Schematic Plan Public Input

Davidson Community members were invited to provide feedback on the next phase of the Beaty Park Project. The Town of Davidson has been working with the Dodd Studio to complete the detailed construction phase of the park. The Dodd Studio created a schematic design using the approved conceptual plan as the guiding document on citizen expectations while further studying the property’s topography, natural elements, and the property’s conservation easement requirements.

A survey was conducted and we had a very good number of responses. Thank you to everyone who was able to give us feedback. The final results can be viewed here

Beaty Park Design

The Town of Davidson is about to begin the design phase of Beaty Park. The Town of Davidson has selected The Dodd Studio and will begin work with them immediately. Town staff will work with the Livability Board Parks and Recreation Subcommittee, that is comprised of Livability Board, Beaty Leadership Team, and other citizens, through this process.

Livability Board Parks and Recreation Subcommittee - (Livability Board member*)
Denise Beall
Dave Cable*
Leah Chester-Davis
Pat Coleman*
Cheri Foreman*
Marty Metzker
Jason Parker*
Alice Sudduth

Beaty Park is located on the corner of Main Street and Beaty Street. A citizen task force was created to solicit input from Davidson citizens to identify park and recreation needs along with ancillary public amenities in keeping with the natural, park-like setting of the property. The Task Force held multiple public input sessions which led to the development of a concept plan that was adopted by the Board of Commissioners on March 26, 2019.

Beaty Park Schematic Plan Interim Updates 4.3.2020 JPEG