Downtown Parking Map

Based on a parking study conducted in the spring of 2017, there are ample parking spots available if drivers are willing to park a block away from town and walk to the destination. We encourage motorists to park at the Davidson Presbyterian Church parking lot located at 116 Depot Street for free all-day parking, Monday-Friday.

Parking Tickets

Payment Options
You may pay for parking tickets by using the Town’s online form: Parking Tickets Form
You may also pay for parking tickets at Town Hall.

Contact 704-892-7591.

Traffic Ticket Violations

If you have questions about a traffic ticket violation, please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court at 704-686-0420.

Are you a cyclist? Here's how to properly lock your bike: 

  • Always lock your bike to a solid object.
  • Lock your bike in a well-lit area with high foot traffic.
  • Make sure that the object you lock your bike to cannot be cut.
  • Lock according to value - frame first, then back wheel, and finally front wheel.
  • Get the tightest fit possible! The less room inside of the u-lock or chain, the more difficult it will be for thieves to use their tools.
  • Position your lock off the ground with the keyhole facing down.