210 Delburg Street

 Recent Update 
The Design Review Board approved this application at its August 17, 2016 meeting.

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Site Info 

  • Planning Area: Village Edge
  • Project Address: 210 Delburg Street, Davidson NC 28036
  • Parcel ID: 00326207
  • Acres: 1.58
  • Building Type: Institutional
  • Development Description: Site plan, floor plans and elevations for proposed renovations to existing cotton mill building to create small business incubator spaces. The proposed floor plans and building design indicate five small business incubator spaces along with common areas for congregation. Existing brick to be retained to the fullest extent practical, with repairs occurring as needed. Any exposed CMU is to be painted a similar red color to the existing brick. The building will feature many new windows, day lighting the internal spaces.
  • Architect: ADW Architects